Development Updates – March

March came around quicker than expected! There was supposed to be a monthly update during February we guess that did not end up happening!

During the past few weeks we introduced a couple new wheel styles. The Baron, Torque, Maelstrom, Crescendo, and Decrescendo are our most recent releases!

The Baron 5-spoke Crager styled wheels have been a huge hit with our customers. The popularity would stem from the fact that white Crager style wheels really didn’t exist, and our design features crisper and cleaner lines that complement most muscle car castings very well!

The Torque wheels have also been very popular. Essentially a hollow Crager styled wheel which is great for those looking for a more modernized look!

The Maelstrom 15-spoke wheels were a much needed design for the lineup as there was a lack of a nice and refined multi-spoke wheel. It’s one our favorites for exotic and sports car castings.

Crescendo and Decrescendo 5-spoke star style wheels are gaining traction and most recent orders have included them. The Crescendo was a design which was meant to improve the look over the one Mattel originally offers, by incorporating a deeper dish, cleaner lips, and a more noticeable recessed area within the spokes. The Decrescendo variant with the hollow spokes provides a visually distinctive look on a lot of exotics and sports cars. Customers report being happy they can source these wheels in our various sizing options.

What’s happening next to Vancity Diecast Wheels? We are looking to upgrade our older styles to our new Type II design architecture. Type II wheels are similar in width compared to standard wheels by Mattel, and the lips are more refined. The wheel barrels are slightly more strengthened which means Type II provides more of a durability upgrade. Type II wheels will be easier to fit, and tires will fit more flush/square to them. All of the recently released designs have been made in Type II format.

Originally all wheels were considered Type I which featured widths approximately 1mm wider than normal. Often times this means the wheels would rub on the fenders if there was not some work done to them. We attempted to alleviate this by making tires smaller than the width of the wheel to introduce some lip poke. Type I wheels have a step lip which will be lost when Type II rolls around.

Not all wheels will be switched over to Type II. Some wheels such as the Invictus phone dial wheels will have a Type I and Type II version available. The Invictus Type II will have smaller holes and less concave to better suit more older, classic car castings. As inventory for older styles sells out, we will stop producing them in Type I and make them available in Type II format. Visually most designs will be kept the same and to most of our customers they won’t notice the difference aside from wheel width.

Bugatti Chiron with “Superstar” wheels in Type II format
Porsche Panamera with original Type I “Superstar” wheels

We are still looking into options for tires with more “meat.” We are planning on releasing more designs that can accommodate tires with more sidewall. For the first production batches, they will feature more plastic-like tires which are removable.

Multi-piece wheels are also in development for certain styles which would make it easier for customizers to paint.

New color options for some styles will be available soon, including red and black! We are still looking for a reliable way to make silver wheels which will be an additional color option in the future!

Thank you to those who took the time to read this post! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach us directly! Thank you to all our supporters and customizers!

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