Development Updates – January

Tom here! I hope everyone is having a great start to their new year! I will be updating my blog section a lot more frequently so feel free to keep checking back for more updates starting now!

There has been a lot of development and progress behind the scenes at Vancity Diecast wheels. Since November and onward there have been many wheel styles released! The most popular styles so far have been the “Superstar” mesh-style wheels as well as the “Invictus” phone-dial style wheels. To myself it’s no surprise because those 2 wheel styles are also among my favorites! The “Hexaform” GT-40 style wheels as well as the “Rival” deep concave mesh wheels are also picking up in popularity.

The metallic finishes for wheels have been a great hit and a lot of positive feedback has been given back to me! A lot of customizers are happy with the metallic flake finishes as it offers a new aesthetic to their customs and it is very different from the flat colors or chrome finishes we are used to seeing for a long time now. Throughout the year, there may be more special metallic flake colors released such as a metallic ruby red flake. I am definitely excited to see red “Invictus” wheels, as an upcoming RLC Redline Club casting will be a darker Countach. Below is a quick Photoshop render of the upcoming RLC casting! It looks pretty proper with the right wheels!

Some of the wheels are slowly undergoing some minor revisions. The original Superstar wheels had some fairly thin spokes and under some instances the spokes break easily during the course of the swap process. In order to alleviate this issue, the spokes are now slightly thicker and the wheel is more sturdier overall without having the design changed. The “Invictus” and “Smoothie” wheels will be undergoing some minor changes in order to extend the axle holes in order to reduce wheel wobble.

Some of you may have already received sets with our new pin-style axles. Instead of having to close off both axle ends, the pin-style axles already have a round cap on one side, which means you just have to close off/crimp the other side. The pin-style axles are a lot more rigid and sturdier as well. As older remaining inventory sells out, the newest batches of wheels from that particular style will include the pin-style axles instead. The tradeoff is that it may be harder to bend the axles if you are looking to put in some negative camber to castings, but for experienced customizers this should not be a problem if they are already familiar with other axle-creation methods.

The newest wheel styles releasing for January would be Fuchs-style wheels as well as Torque-thrust style wheels as well. The Fuchs-style wheels have been heavily requested over the course of the last few weeks so it was about time I made something to cater the demands of the customizing community. It was also a good opportunity to create the modernized Fuchs-style variant similar to Magnus Walker wheels dubbed “Outlaw.” Finally, not to leave the muscle car lovers behind a clean and sharp 5-spoke concave wheel inspired by the old school classic Torque Thrust wheels are introduced into the lineup! I will be looking to introduce more signature style wheels that have had a huge influence on car culture in the coming weeks/months!

I am super excited to see the first production batches of these wheels! I have a lot of older Porsche mainline castings ready to swap over and I am sure people are going to love what they see!

Down the line, I am looking into offering some of these wheels in a more premium 2-piece format. This means the faces and barrels can come separate which allows you to customize/paint them more easily. I am still looking into more tire sizing options as well, as I would like to start creating wheels for Gasser castings which would feature large and meatier tires. Both these ideas will take a long time to come to light as a lot of research, testing, and development will be needed on my end but they will be large milestones I hope to accomplish one day!

If you have ideas for blog posts you would like to see in the future, don’t hesistate to contact me and let me know what you would like to see!

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