Development Updates – October

I hope everyone had a great October! It’s almost time for Halloween and shortly afterwards it will mark the first month of sales! I am very pleased with the number of orders and the interest gained for Vancity Diecast wheels so far! Without the great support and encouragement of the diecast community it would not be possible to be here! A lot of orders have gone out throughout the month and I have been seeing a lot of swaps conducted from customers, and each one has done an amazing job! I hope everyone is pleased with their wheel orders so far.

So what’s next for Vancity Diecast?
I am still looking for ways to improve the product by strengthening the wheels and adding more color options in the future. Vancity Diecast wheels has the advantage over other brands of being able to offer wheels in staggered sizing. When it comes to color choices, I want these wheels to once again stand out from the crowd. Instead of just normally painting over these, I will kick it up a notch and offer them in finishes not available elsewhere!

Vancity Diecast wheels will be offered in brilliant metallic finishes to make them stand out from the competition. These metallic finishes will introduce another dynamic in terms of aesthetic performance to any 1/64 scale casting. I want these wheels to be premium-looking to accent any casting these will be going on. A lot of customizers spend hours working on their vehicles so I want them to have wheels that they know had a lot of time and energy put into as well.

Below is the first test run of metallic wheels, in a brilliant golden finish. The first car to sport these wheels would be a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento which has an amazing paint color and I figured there would be no better car that could wear these golden phone-dial wheels more. It also gives me a very good idea of what I want the RLC Countach to look like when I get it in my hands for a wheel swap!

For those looking for more color options, there will be many in the coming weeks! So stay tuned 🙂

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