Orders Launching Soon!

The big day is coming up! Many hours and sleepless nights have been spent working on this website, as well as preparing the wheels for production. I cannot wait to begin offering these wheels to the diecast community as I have received such an amazing response ever since I started sharing photos of my creations on social media. I have received so many words of encouragement and support from fellow diecast collectors and customizers, even people who I have never met in person before. One of the things I really enjoy about this hobby are the kind and generous people you can come across; amazing people sharing a common passion and looking out for each other are one of the things I take for granted.

It has been a very exciting journey for me so far! Being able to tackle this project and putting all my knowledge/interests/experience into this feels very rewarding! There are only a few more things left to do, such as refining the website and having the small details settled down. I’ll have to spend some time taking better photos to add onto the website as well so everyone has a good idea of what they can do with the wheels offered for sale. I am very anxious to see how many orders will come in during the pre-order launch!

I am scheduling the pre-orders to open sometime this Friday. Interested individuals can start placing orders for the wheels during that time. I will keep the pre-order window available for a couple days before disabling new orders. One of my biggest concerns is having too many orders placed as I will not be able to fulfill orders in a timely manner, which is why the pre-order window is there. Vancity Diecast is a one man show and the wheels are made in small batches so having extra breathing room when orders are not coming in is appreciated.

When the pre-order window is open, I hope everyone who is interested in purchasing my wheels will be able to do so! At the moment I only have shipping options available to Canada and the United States as I need to figure out logistics for other international destinations. If you are an international customer please contact me directly through email (hello@vancitydiecast.com) and we can try to figure out how we can get my wheels to you!

Thank you everyone who has been patient with me and looking forward for the pre-order window to open! I will continue updating details on the website, Facebook page, and Instagram. If you haven’t done so, please follow my social media channels in the links below:


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