Extra Add-On: Axle Pins (2 pieces)


Need extra axle pins? Purchase more sets here! Each set includes 2 axle pins! 

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Needing extra axles for your project?  You can purchase an additional sets here! Each set includes 2 axle pins! 
Our pins provide an easy way to create axles!  Made out of durable stainless steel.
Since one side already has a round cap, you just have to deal with the other side!

Trim the pointed end of the axle fin to the desired length, then close it off!
You can crimp the end, use gorilla glue, use beads, or a combination of these methods to prevent wheel from sliding off.
Please see our wheel swap guide for photos!

These axles are are similar in diameter to the original HW axles, so no need to enlarge the axle channels to fit these.
You can even perform a drill-less wheel swap if you can close off the axle end with small tools!