“Rival” GT/Mesh Style Wheels


Our extreme concave GT/Mesh style wheel!



Our extreme concave GT/Mesh style wheel!
Highly detailed thin spokes.  Please handle with caution.

These wheels are created with stereolithography (high quality resins)

Wheels are available in standard and larger sizes
Includes a set of 4 wheels.  Choose the sizing you want!
– standard quality rubber tires included
– 2 axle pins included (ends require crimping to close, or use glue/beads)

Standard/Regular size wheels are ~10.7mm diameter with tire.
Large size wheels are ~12mm diameter with tire.  Large sized wheels are wider than tire for intentional lip poke**
If the casting you are purchasing these for have larger diameter rear wheels, please choose the “staggered” sizing option.
Some castings have large wheels on all 4 corners, so choose the appropriate option accordingly.

Not for use with Hot Wheels or other diecast track sets.
Some cars may require additional modification to the body in order for the wheels to fit properly and roll.  These wheels are slightly larger and wider compared to standard Hot Wheels sizes, may cause rubbing on body.

Size reference guide:
Black Bugatti Chiron = staggered size
Purple Porsche 911 GT3 = standard/regular size
Blue Porsche 918 Spyder = standard/regular size
Grey Matchbox Audi R8 = large size
Mustang Boss 302 = staggered size



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Large Size (All 4 Wheels), Staggered (2 Standard Size Wheels, 2 Larger Size Wheels), Standard Size (All 4 Wheels)


Metallic Ruby Red Flake, Metallic Silver, Vintage Gold, White