Extra Add-On: Upgraded Treaded Tires


All wheel sets already include our standard tires.  This is an optional add-on!

Need some extra detail for your customs?
Add some of our new treaded tires to your order!

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Meet our new tires!

Our new compound tires are neither plastic, and neither rubber. Rather it is a hybrid of both! The new compound tires show some degree of elastomeric properties – they are slightly flexible. The new compund tires are not soft like our original tires, they are more rigid. The rigidness is what allows us to add in more detail to the tires, in this case a nice tread design. Our new compound tires have a much more defined tread pattern – if not the most detailed on the market. Since the new compound tires are less slick, it will be easier for some customs to roll especially when customizers lower them aggressively and the fenders/quarter panels have little clearance.

Some tires may appear to fit loosely to the wheels due to small differences between batches. If you want the tires to fit more tightly, please leave them out in sunlight for a few minutes. Sunlight will also make the tires slightly more rigid, and reduce rolling resistance. If they are still a bit loose, use some clear or electrical tape and wrap it around the barrel of the wheel prior to putting on the tire.

Each set purchased will include 4 tires in the sizing chosen.
Tires are meant to be used on Vancity Diecast branded wheels – they may not fit other brands.

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Large size (all 4 tires), RWB Porsche 930 Spec, Staggered size (2 standard size tires, 2 large size tires), Standard size (all 4 tires), Team Transport