The Underwhelming Transport Set

Ah, one of the pegwarmers in the Team Transport series.

Despite how much I love Mattel’s 6-spoke wheels, there are some castings that I feel don’t look nice with them. TE37 style wheels don’t pair up nicely with boxy European cars such as this Mercedes. To me this set was an eyesore since the wheels didn’t flow well on both the car and the transporter. Both vehicles received my “Smoothie” deep dish concave wheels. Sometimes the best wheels are the most simple ones, and on this Mercedes I felt like it was an appropriate fit!

Was this Team Transport set a pegwarmer because it sold in 2-per case? Was it because of the Falken livery? Was it simply overshadowed by the Fairlady Z transport set and the Black Hole? I feel like there were so many shortcomings with this Falken set overall.

The 6-spokes on the Fleet Flyer look incredibly out of place. The card art depicts the Fleet Flyer having the same wheels as the 190E but in reality it is not the case. The wheels on the Fleet Flyer look very basic and honestly cheap looking. This Team Transport set did come with a 5-spoke wheel variation, but it is harder to find. The 5-spoke variation looks much better than the more common 6-spoke variation.

From all the different wheel styles I have available for the swaps, I felt like the “Smoothie” wheels are the most appropriate. The vehicle’s Falken livery is brazen and colorful, so swapping wheels that have too much detail would make the car appear busy looking. The 190E has a boxy/rectangular shape, so the Smoothies with its round leading lines balances out the vehicle perfectly. The Smoothies also look great on the Fleet Flyer with the same principle. I might have to swap the 190E from the Car Culture Open Track lineup as well with the same wheels! I am definitely happy with how this swap turned out, and it’s a great example of how having wheel styles that compliment the car makes the casting look a lot more premium and desirable!

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