About Us

Welcome to Vancity Diecast!  

Vancity Diecast was created as an avenue to bring together many of the skills, knowledge, and interests I have and developed over the years with respect to design and manufacturing.  Over the course of my lifetime, I have developed many skills in graphic design, 3D modelling, working with electronics/equipment, photography, and so much more which can all be brought into the realm of diecast customization.  I always had a passion for diecast cars, in particular Hot Wheels, as I grew up with them during my childhood years.

It was not until recent during my adult years that this passion really picked up.  I saw how Mattel was pumping out a lot of premium castings with nice rubber tires, and seeing how many of my favorite castings were just the regular mainlines I sought out to give them an upgrade.  The introduction of many popular JDM (Japanese domestic market) castings to the Hot Wheels lineup in recent years got me into the diecast customization scene.  As an avid car enthusiast, I figured that whenever I was not spending time wrenching on my own personal vehicles I could have some spend tinkering with the smaller 1/64 scale versions!

A lot of my favorite Hot Wheels castings have staggered wheel setups.  To my dismay I noticed that many manufacturers lack the options for staggered wheel sizing.  Trying to fit standard size wheels on a casting with larger wheel wells looks like someone wearing shoes that are too big for them.  It just doesn’t look right!  Many of the tire options out there appear to be too chunky as well, which results in wheels being developed with smaller faces.  With these shortcomings in mind, I had my sights set on developing my own wheels.

Vancity Diecast branded wheels are designed and created with a minimalist nature in mind as well as to appeal to diecast enthusiasts new to the customization scene.  These wheels are meant to look good on almost any casting, regardless of it being a mainline casting or a more premium casting with higher levels of detail.  These wheels will definitely look good on custom cars as well!  These wheels feature clean and classic designs, reimagined for 1/64 scale diecast.  When it comes down to it, changing the appearance of something is subject to personal taste.  I was always the person who appreciated the minimalist nature of various objects and artforms.  There is just something about smooth, clean, elegant lines that draws my attention.  Less is always more in my opinion, and this way of thinking translates into the wheel styles I have designed.  These wheels are designed with aesthetics in mind to appeal to the large majority of diecast enthusiasts out there.

My vision for Vancity Diecast will be more than just selling wheels.  I hope to use my skills and knowledge to produce many other parts/accessories for diecast collectors and customizers in the future, such as 3D printed aero components, dioramas, waterslide decals, protectors, and more!

I appreciate the overwhelming repsonse I have received from social media regarding the wheels I have designed, which is why I have decided to offer them for sale.  I have spent countless hours designing and creating these wheels, and being able to see them in the hands of others is something I look forward to!  The funds generated from sales are not meant to put food on my table, rather they will be re-invested back into more research, development, and equipment in order for me to make more cool stuff for the diecast community!  By making a purchase through this website, you are supporting the future of this brand!

This brand is still in its infancy stage and the product quality will continue to improve as I am constantly trying to figure out new ways to make things better!  Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way to make this project happen, and to those that will be helping to support this brand by making purchases!

Happy hunting, and happy customizing!

For development updates, news, and upcoming sales, please check out my blog and social media channels!