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Thank you for shopping at Vancity Diecast. Please review this page prior to placing your order.
By placing an order, you agree to have read over and accepted the all the details indicated here.

Last modified: November 27, 2019


We want to inform our customers to the best of our ability regarding the product quality and service.  Vancity Diecast is a brand new company, and we understand that over the course of business not everyone will be completely satisfied with our products/services.  Our products and service will continue to improve over time.

Vancity Diecast branded wheels are created using 3D printing technologies. This is fairly new technology in recent years and it is continously being refined. As time progresses and more orders are fulfilled, Vancity Diecast will continually upgrade equipment in order to better serve its customers.

We are transparent with our product quality and we will list the shortcomings/limitations so there are no surprises when you receive them.

Regarding product quality of the 1/64 Vancity Diecast created wheels:
There are many limitations to 3D printing technologies; accuracy of the wheels are not 100% perfect respective to the renderings done through AutoCAD and 3D modelling programs.
– you may see some tiny breaks, nubs, or cracks in the wheels, which are the remnants of support structures attached to the wheels during the printing step.  If you see any bumps or nubs in the back, you can use flush cutters to trim them.
– wheels are not 100% perfectly true and round.  During the curing process shrinkage occurs which may warp/distort the shape of the wheels.
– wheels with thin spokes should be handled with care as they may be prone to breaking before or during installation.
– excess material may be left inside the axle holes, preventing axles from sliding through.  A fine drill bit (0.7-0.9mm) can be used to clear the hole.
– the wheels are printed using white material which may slightly discolor during post processing or prolonged exposure to sunlight.  The wheels are not “paper white” and may show a hint of yellowing.

Regarding axles and tires:
At this time, we are currently experimenting with various forms of axles and ways tires can be created to match the wheels for swap purposes. The axles and tires included are subject to change at any time we see fit. Axles and tires have not been finalized and there will be design changes in the future. Vancity Diecast branded wheels are compatible with tires from Car Culture or other Hot Wheels premium lineups as we make the wheels close to the same size as the ones Hot Wheels/Mattel makes. Vancity Diecast branded wheels have axle holes which are close in size to original Hot Wheels axle sizes. For the best and clean swaps, re-using or sourcing axles/tires from Hot Wheels would be best at this time.

As more research/development is done our axles/tire options will expand and quality will be improved. Before swapping our wheels, feel free to take a look over at the tire and axles included in your package and make the decision whether you want to use what is supplied or you can go ahead and figure out your own solution to the wheels and axles.

– axles require to have the ends closed, through the usage of crimps/hammer taps/glue, or other means you see fit
– tires during post processing are made/trimmed/cut by hand and the cuts are not 100% straight.  Some tires will have more uneven lines than others!
– for older wheel styles tires will not completely cover the width of the wheel. By design the tires are smaller than the width of the wheel in order for the lip of the wheels to poke slightly for looks and clearance.  For Vancity Diecast Type II style wheels, they are less wide so the tire will sit more flush.



After receiving a confirmed payment, there is a 24 hour waiting period given in case you need to modify your order or cancel it.

Most orders will be shipped within 3-7 business days.  If there are any additional delays you will be contacted via email.
During sales periods, such as “Black Friday” or “Christmas” periods, orders will begin to process and ship out after 7-14 business days.

Orders can be cancelled by Vancity Diecast at any time for any reason.  For any suspicious orders/transactions they will be voided and information may be forwarded to corresponding authorities.  We know fraud is rampant online, and it will not be taken lightly.



At this time we ship to Canada and the United States.  Shipping may be offered to other international destinations, feel free to message us back for a shipping quote.  All outbound shipments must be trackable to your destination for your protection and ours.

We will only ship to the address listed on the order page. If you need to change the shipping address, we will have your order cancelled and you will have to place a new order with the correct shipping address.

All international shipments are subject to taxes/duties/fees/VAT/levies which are charged by your country’s customs/government which we have no control over.  It is your responsiblity to figure out and pay any additional fees when your package arrives. If any package is refused and sent back to us, you will be responsible for all associated shipping fees incurred for this order which will be deducted from any refund amount.

All orders will be carefully packed, items inspected, and a photo will be taken of all the contents that are included for review if discrepancies arise.

If a package is claimed by the buyer to be lost/stolen, cooperation is required from the buyer to resolve the issue.  A police report will be required to be filed on the buyers end.  An investigation by the shipping company/courier will also need to be filed by the buyer.  All information provided in the police report and to the shipping company/courier by the buyer must be provided to Vancity Diecast.  Only after the conclusion of the investigation can a remedy be offered.  



All sales are considered final after they are shipped out.  We do not offer exchanges and we do not have to honor refunds.
If for any reason you are not satisfied with the items you receive, a refund will be given ONLY after items have been sent back to us. 

Buyers will be refunded the cost of the items sent back MINUS shipping/handling fees.
If free shipping was given for your order and you want to send the items back for a refund, the shipping fee incurred from our end will be subtracted from the refund total.

Buyers are responsible for all fees/charges for sending the items back to us.
Return shipping MUST be trackable.

If any package is refused and sent back to us, you will be responsible for all associated shipping fees incurred for this order which will be deducted from any refund amount. This means you are responsible to cover the shipping fee and the fee the shipping company charges us having the item sent out and sent back to us.

If the returned items are lost in transit on the way back to us, the buyer must file a claim with their shipping courier/company used for reimbursement.
We will not provide a refund if we do not receive the items back.


Other Misc Disclaimers

Vancity Diecast assumes no liability under any circumstances.  Vancity Diecast shall not under any circumstances be held liable for any costs, losses, expenses and damages whatsoever and howsoever arising in any event.


Once again, by placing an order, you agree to have read over and accepted the all the details indicated here.

Thank you for shopping with us!