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Wheel Swap Guide (2021 Press-In Axles)


Welcome back everybody! This is a new wheel swap guide which features Vancity Diecast’s new “press-in” axle system. The press-in axle system was designed to make wheel swapping even easier than ever before! This new system gives wheel swaps a more professional looking finish, while minimizing the amount of time required and the number of […]

Wheel Swap Guide (Through-Axle Wheels)

Welcome back everyone!  As further research and development is done to Vancity Diecast wheels, so will the wheel swapping methods! There are many different methods and resources online where you can reference on how to do wheel swaps. The following guide below is specific to Vancity Diecast wheels and can be done by people of [...]

Development Updates – October


I hope everyone had a great October! It’s almost time for Halloween and shortly afterwards it will mark the first month of sales! I am very pleased with the number of orders and the interest gained for Vancity Diecast wheels so far! Without the great support and encouragement of the diecast community it would not […]